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Operational Management

The operational know how of CIC International is enormous and is based on important factors:

  • CIC International belonged to a group of Dutch galvanizers
  • CIC knows what galvanizing is and has extreme operational know how which is of great importance
  • Several times the Manager of CIC International was General Manager of the new clients plant

Based on this CIC International can help you with the start-up and the first 3 year of your plant, because we have the know-how.

The great know-how of operational aspects makes CIC International the best partner in:

  • Very quick start up and the shortest ROI.


  • Improvement scan after several years.


CIC International knows where to start to improve your plant, reduce cost and create the highest profitability.

We have special cost reduction programs to reduce the operational costs and make your plant more profitable.

Just contact us for the possibilities.