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Automatic Spinning Line

Do you galvanize small parts, like bolts and nuts, and want to operate successfully in a tough market?

Then you need to find the right answer to the following questions:

1. How can I supply constant quality?
2. How can I produce at the lowest possible cost?

Our Automatic Spinning Installation (ASI) is the best answer to both questions.

You get a production system that leaves all the existing systems far behind in speed efficiency and above all in quality (always the same coating thickness).

CIC International has installed Automatic Spinning Installations which have fully automated the galvanizing process, increased the production capacity, give a constant quality and can be monitored by a single operator.

CIC International is momentary developing a new line with more robots, see picture below.

CIC International will be pleased to calculate how much you can earn with the automatic spinning installation.

We know what is important to you: an installation that can earn you money.