Laboratory - CIC International - Specialist in hot dip galvanizing


CIC International has a well-equipped, modern laboratory which is ISO-certified and carries out analysis and tests according to DIN-, ISO- and NEN demands.

Thanks to our expertise and experience in metal surface treatment industry for many years, CIC International is able to answer many questions in this field and also give our customers advice regarding proper process control and/ or modifications.

For each galvanizing plant a facility comparable is required for quality control, customer reclaims and development of the plant and process. In Dutch we call this: meten is weten ( measuring is knowing)

CIC International also advises in the area of environmental issues. An overview of most common methods:

  • ICP-metal analysis, I.e.: Cd, Cu, Zn, Cr, Sn, Fe, Ni, Pb, Al, etc.
  • Anionics analysis
  • SO42- Cl- CO32-. analysis
  • Ntot, Nkjeldahl
  • Organic analysis
  • pH
  • Analyze of mineral oils
  • Oil and surfactants
  • Flux analysis
  • Pickling acid analysis
  • Degreasing bath analysis
  • Cooling water analysis