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New Developments

CIC International wants to make the market better: improvement by development. Its is fulfilling the needs present in the market, like:

• Life time increasement of the kettle
• Thin alternative alloys
• CO2 free galvanizing

New alternative alloy for the future

Since Decca’s there is a big need in the Hot Dip Galvanizing industry for thin coatings with high corrosion resistance.
The conventional Hot Dip Galvanizing process has beside its excellent corrosion protection properties also some disadvantages. The quality of the steel has big influence on the coating thickness and visual appearance and therefore on the operational costs. All these aspects are difficult to control during operation. The steel composition and its impact on the processing is also rather unpredictable.
Another disadvantages is the thickness of the coating itself. It is uncontrollable and can cause difficulties in additional weight and dimensions.

Because of these reasons there is a need for thin Hot Dip Galvanizing coatings, especially for the automotive industry with:

• Lower operational cost
• Better market price
• More controllable process
• Improving product quality 

So CIC International developed a new Galvanizing process. The advantages of the new alloy are as follows:

• Lower coating thickness, reduction of 75-90%, 5 -15 µm
• Better corrosion resistance than zinc, 11µm give 1100 hours
• Good appearance
• Perfect welding properties
• Smooth surface
• Good heat reflection
• Independent of steel composition
• Lower energy consumption
• Lower operational costs
• Low emission to the environment

CIC International has developed this new alloy and it is ready to be positioned on the market. It also fits in the new way of thinking of the protection of our planet, green and zero emission, and reduction of raw materials.

Galvanizing for automotive and conventional market.

If you are interested, just contact us.

CO2 free Galvanizing

During the last 5 years CIC International developed a CO2 free way of galvanizing. The furnace has several options to reduce power consumption and does not use gas or diesel any more. Green electricity is the word.

The world faces enormous problems with climate change due to CO2 increasement in the atmosphere.

An average Galvanizing plant with 40.000-50.000 tons capacity consumes about 250.000-300.000 m3 gas/year. This create 450.000 till 540.000 kg CO2 per year for each plant. In Europe only, we have 800-900 plants, not all as big as mentioned before.

So rough calculation is showing that at least 180.000.000 kg CO2 is emitted to the environment. And this is unacceptable at the present social discussion.

So if you want to contribute to a grener planet and a future for our next generation, please contact us.

Life time increase of the kettle

After analyzing the decrease of the wall thickness of the kettle during many years of production, CIC International discovered a way to increase the life time of the kettle with several years. This is realized without any increase in energy consumption.
The new furnace makes it possible have a 150%-200% life time increasement.
A new revolutionary furnace is developed based on the advancing insights of more then 10 years of kettle wall measurements.