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Galvalution Line

If you don’t like the chemical pre treatment of steel or permits does not allow you to install a chemical pre treatment line, this is your solution: GalvaLution

The chemical pre treatment is replaced by a mechanical pre-treatment with several advantages.

This GalvaLution system is an environmental friendly Hot Dip Galvanizing system which complies with EN ISO 1461. It is healthier for people to work in and requires less installation space than a conventional galvanizing plant.
It can be operated with only half of the conventional labor and at the same time yield a higher quantity per hour.
It produces no chemical waste like conventional acid pickling.
In case of galvanizing failures, material products can be easily re-galvanized without acid stripping and therefore GalvaLution gives zero production losses.

The biggest advantages:

  • Removal of burrs and welding slag; which are very difficult to remove by normal wet pre-treatment process.
  • No chance on hydrogen embrittlement; which makes this installation suitable to galvanize for example high tension steel.
  • Surface control by frequency controlled blasting; which makes it possible to clean metal structures that have siliceous layers.
  • No supply, discharge and/or recycling of acid pickling solutions; which makes it much more environmentally friendly than a conventional galvanizing process.