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Conventional Galvanizing line

If you choose to work with CIC International you are choosing a company which makes no concessions on the quality of the total product. You can see this from our proposal.
All the factors which affect the final amount are taken into account. No additional costs due to regulations relating to working conditions and the environment.
CIC International won’t face you with unpleasant surprises later on.

CIC International will make no concessions on quality and always keep in mind what our clients want; Affordable and cost effective galvanizing lines with the perfect balance between investment, quality and lowest operational costs.

Our proposal is tailor-made, fully adapted to your requirements and based on only one assumption: the maximum profitability of your company.

Building complete galvanizing lines is our core business. CIC International has the expertise, knowledge, engineers and the operational know how to design every part of a Hot Dip Galvanizing line.

It doesn’t matter if the plant is small or big, manually or automatic.
CIC International can work according government regulations like CE and GOST and is specialized in environmental friendly galvanizing solutions (Zero Emission Galvanizing Plants).

CIC International is convinced that we can provide you with the right solution.

CIC International can supply the highest technical equipment and supply work shop drawings for all the other parts. In this way you can save money and manufacture some parts locally. This can reduce your total investment considerably.

Why choose CIC International:

  • Operational experience
  • Plant with the shortest ROI
  • Management skills for operating the plant
  • >60 years of experiences
  • Always developing
  • Large know how
  • Belonged to group of galvanizers
  • Zero Emission Plants, for future generations
  • CO2 free furnaces and new alloys