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Filter Installations

If you intend to deliver Green Field Technology, you have to provide solutions to improve the quality of the process air, to ensure the environmental protection of people and nature.

CIC International has more than 30 years’ experience in cleaning process air. We are capable to be partner in all kind of systems for different industries and solve almost any air pollution problem.

CIC International developed an unique dust control unit with an outstanding performance, for the fumes above your furnace. The air coming out of the dust control unit is cleaner than the outside air.

For pre-treatment we provide scrubbing systems for air which usually is polluted with hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid. It can clean this air for more than 99%, without a plume of water in the air. Because of the low resistance of our scrubbing system, the energy consumption is low.

CIC International also has the possibility to optimize the use of water by monitoring the process from the outside, by using the most modern methods.